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Data Center Solutions

Every organizations have invested heavily in technology resources to manage the data center infrastructure. They changing business dynamics, there is a need for change in assessment of the value of Data Center to the organization. Bright Star Technologies offer Data center building solutions in partnership with industries technology leaders like APC and Emerson etc. Data Centers' facilities are designed, built and operated to provide reliability for your mission critical IT systems. Our 100% Uptime SLA covers key infrastructure elements and service level objectives including data center power, temperature, humidity and access control. Access to your private data center suite is controlled by 24/forever onsite security staff, mantraps, biometric screening and Closed Circuit TV (CCTV) surveillance. Additionally, your data center suite can be configured with its own dedicated access control system.

 The importance of real-time data to understand the true capacity of available infrastructure  The criticality of interdependencies between logical and physical layers  The need for holistic management capabilities and visibility of IT and facilities infrastructures.  The need for more powerful management tools that offer a rich, visual view of the infrastructure and can guide design and change management.

Services: Most of organization today drive various IT infrastructure and software solutions from different manufactures , and it becomes a pain for the organization to manage operations smoothly, keeping in mind the service needs of the customers, and The IT Services our team helps our clients improve operational and cost efficiency, reliability, security and continuity through select service modules. Bright Star Technologies offers a variety of services  Backup & Storage Management Services  Information Security Management Services  End User Support Services  Server Management Services  Network Management Services