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Network Integration Solution

Bright Star Technologies is a we very strong Network Integrator with strengths in Routing, Switching, Security, Wireless,Load Balancing,Structured (Data & Voice) & Fiber Cabling. With a dedicated networking force of sound experience professionals, Bright Star Technologies offers a wide variety of Structured Cabling Solutions to its clients and is partnered with some of the biggest and largest OEM's in the industry, such as Commscope (Systemax), Tyco (AMP), Molex, Digilinketc,,

Core Enterprise Networks

Design and Implement Enterprise Core Networks for LAN, Data Centers and Disaster Recovery sites. The core layer is the simplest yet the most critical layer. This layer is the backbone of the network. The core needs to be highly reliable and switch high traffic loads as fast as possible. It provides a limited set of services and is highly available using redundant devices and configurations to ensure that software upgrades or hardware changes can be made without disrupting the applications. The core provides a Layer 3 routing module for all traffic in and out of the enterprise network. Routing is critical for the data center core and would need to be configured using built-in robust security mechanism to avoid incorrect neighbor peering, injection of incorrect routes, and routing loops. .

Campus Area Networks

Design and Implement Large Campus Network on multi-tier network architecture to providing redundancy, security and scalability to the network. our network designers generally deploy a campus design optimized for the fastest functional architecture that runs on the existing physical wire. They might also upgrade wiring to meet the requirements of emerging applications. For example, higher-speed technologies-such as Fast Ethernet, Gigabit Ethernet, and ATM as a backbone architecture-and Layer 2 switching provide dedicated bandwidth to the desktop.

Wireless and Mobility

Creating Secure Wireless network for data and voice traffic and seamlessly integrates with Core network to enable Mobility to users.

Network Management

Creating a platform to Monitoring the performance of a network and Managing the network from a central Configuration. Network management refers to the broad subject of managing computer networks. There exists a wide variety of software and hardware products that help network system administrators manage a network. Network management covers a wide area, including: Security-> Ensuring that the network is protected from unauthorized users. Performance-> Eliminating bottlenecks in the network. Reliability-> Making sure the network is available to users and responding to hardware and software malfunctions .